Apple's new headphones leak

Apple’s new headphones leak will blow your mind

Could it be the iPhone Two over-ear models heading our way? [Apple’s new headphones leak ]

They first launched AirPods in 2016 and guess what; they were mocked widely. Eventually, they occupied the market and had the last laugh.

Now the staple of the streets is the white wireless earbuds. Apparently, Apple is planning to extend its lineup with two models of over wireless ear headphones.

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Bloomberg reported that the tech giant, Apple is currently working on two different sets of headphones. In essence, a more Sports and fitness-based model and the second model will feature a more premium looks (leather-like fabric).

The features that intrigue the most is the capability to attach part magnetically, making it more user friendly and easily replaced by end-user. 

As of now, there are no images leaked of any sort, but we know it for sure that these headsets are going to be a treat to ears for iPhone users.

Apple's new headphones leak
Apple Studio Pods: Image courtesy Gearopen

Way back in 2018, the German company Curved put together a render of what these model would look like (as you can see in the image above). The retro styling is just sweet, and use of old Apple rainbow logo catches the eye. Well, Apple’s new headphones leak will is surely worth watching.

Jon Prosser first leaked the story, and his track record clearly suggests that he is a legit Apple leaker. His leak on the new iPhone SE was spotted on twitter feeds widely.

Prosser refers to these headphones as ‘AirPods X’, but if these are headphones and not ‘ear pods’, wouldn’t ‘AirPhones’ be more appropriate? He also suggests Apple’s longterm plan is to “phase out Beats”, the company’s other headphone brand.

Whether Apple’s over-ear headphones will become a fashion accessory like their older (but smaller) siblings remains to be seen. But with the sound quality of full-size headphones and the Siri-powered wireless functionality of the rest of the AirPods range, we’ve no doubt they’ll become a hugely popular piece of kit. 


Is this what Apple’s new headphones will look like ….

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