The Winged Heart

How to make the Winged Heart coffee

Today I’m coming at you with another latte art tutorial so on this one. I’m gonna be going over the winged heart, I really like this one because. It’s kind of underrated, but it’s just very clean. It’s relatively simple, elegant and you have a lot of room for playing on this one as well like you do with the ripple tulip. (How to make the Winged Heart coffee)

It’s a very similar process. We’re gonna do a rippled base, and you can do just a solid heart, or like we’re going to do on this one. I’m going to do a stacked heart, and I’ll tell you through how to do that.

Lets start

Let’s pull our shot and steam some milk, you still have questions on milk steaming there is a milk steaming tutorial, little if you’re still struggling it is just a matter of consistency and doing it over and over and over again, so eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

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Always remember to keep things nice and clean. So we are going to start by pouring the base. This is important as we want to make sure we’re pouring into the deepest part of the espresso to maintain contrast on the surface. 

How to make the Winged Heart coffee
Pushing the milk: How to make the Winged Heart coffee

So as we do that we’re going to start pouring at a medium pace, pushing towards the back of the cup. As soon as we see the contrast, we’re going to start wiggling side-to-side, move a little bit quicker to build a few more layers and then push forward a little bit to create a nice divot.

From here we’re going to form the first stack in our stacked heart. Make sure you put it right at the very top edge of the base. Then you’re pushing a couple more times, and make sure you’re pushing that bit into the centre of each other to kind of get them to wrap around. 

Don’t Wiggle it 

When you’ve done enough stacks, pour in the centre to kind of get them to cut into the centre and then you’re gonna cut through nice and sharp. 

I hope you get the idea, it’s an effortless design you can do it relatively quickly, if you’re on the bar. 

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