the fastest smartphone ever

Samsung s20 leaks suggest it will the fastest smartphone ever

Samsung is just a few days away from officially announcing the successors to its Galaxy S10 line up. In the regular Galaxy S20 the S20 plus and an ultra-premium version of the phone that Samsung probably going to call it the galaxy as 20 Ultra. The leaks suggest it will be the fastest smartphone ever.

the fastest smartphone ever
At the top of the S20 lineup are the S20 Ultra (left) and the S20 Plus (right).
 Image by Evan Blass (@evleaks)

Now we haven’t heard anything straight from Samsung it’s up like nothing is official at this point, but there have been some leaks recently that gives us a pretty good idea of what these new smartphones will be like. When it comes to performance if even some of these leaks turn out to be true, the galaxy s 20 or at least the s 20 plus and the ultra won’t just be Samsung’s most powerful Smartphone but it’ll very likely be the fastest Smartphone ever.

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There are a few reasons why I say that the first is speed test rankings right, now the Galaxy Note 10+ is at the top of the pack. So as long as Samsung carries over things like the notes faster storage and file system, the S20 plus and the S20 ultra at a minimum should at least perform similarly. 

the fastest smartphone ever
The S20 Plus, as leaked last month.
 Images: XDA-Developers

Unlike the note 10 plus, all the S 20s will come with a new more powerful processor under the hood. In the US it’ll be Qualcomm snapdragon 865, and globally it might be Samsung’s Exynos 990. At least for the snapdragon 865, we already have the specs from Qualcomm. Loaded with the multi-core performance that’s up to 25 percent faster and graphics rendering that’s up to 20 percent faster which you know that alone puts the S 20 plus in a position to take that top spot on the rankings and make it the fastest Smartphone ever.

Full Specs of S20 ( the fastest smartphone ever ) can be seen on GSM ARENA

The leaks also point to the S20 series having faster RAM. Samsung began mass-producing their new ddr5 ram-late last year, which brings data transfer speeds up to 30 percent faster than the ddr4 found in a note 10. So even if Samsung doesn’t add more RAM to the S20, the RAM itself at the same capacity will be faster.

The leaks don’t actually point to them not adding more RAM. The rumor has it that the S 20 plus will come with 12 gigabytes around instead of just 8 and the S20 ultra might even have a version that comes with 16 gigabytes of RAM. but as of right now most of the leaks suggest 12 gigabytes of RAM which Samsung could use to further cache apps or keep apps partially loaded in RAM, so that way when you tap on an app the phone won’t have to load everything from scratch, resulting in faster loading times.

Will the s20 live up to the expectations

Now the faster processor the faster RAM and the extra RAM should be enough to make the galaxy s 20’s really fast phones, but to be truly the fastest Smartphone ever, they might have to go a little bit further. As of now, most of the leaks suggest that they will. With all the new galaxies from like the bottom of the range, all the way to the top supposedly coming with 5g or at least 5g variants.

Now obviously the benefit of 5g is going to depend on your carrier and like where you are in terms of the coverage maps, but if you’re lucky enough to be in an area that has 5g or will be getting 5g shortly then you could be seeing data speeds that are way faster. In terms, the 5g will have almost four times as high as the maximum theoretical speeds from the 4G modem on the galaxy S10 

Finally, the last thing that might just make the galaxy has 20 the fastest phone we have ever seen. The leaks say that the S20’s will have 120 Hertz screens. It can make everything feel faster or at least look faster with things like animations in scrolling being just buttery smooth. 

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