critics have questioned whether the move comes too late

UK Government’s delay strategy was far enough

Coronavirus is in our midst thousands of us have it already too many now for it to be contained. [ UK Government’s delay strategy was far enough ]

So we must stay at home for a week if we get ill and avoid contact but should the government be doing more and have they done enough since the outbreak began from day one. The government’s approach has been complacent.

It’s been over-dependent on Specialists and medical opinion.

It’s under-appreciated the importance of taking the public with you.

I have been open honest and transparent it’s perhaps why many are questioning why the UK isn’t taking more drastic measures in Denmark schools libraries, and Leisure facilities are shut, and most public servants have been ordered to stay at home schools are also closed in Spain and football matches suspended Norway’s another country where schools and universities are shut and the government’s told workers to stay a meter away from one another. [UK Government’s delay strategy was far enough]

UK Government's delay strategy was far enough
UK Government’s delay strategy was far enough

Italy’s famous Landmark, so eerily quiet as its lockdown has driven residents indoors and tourists home life appears to be continuing as normal here hundreds of people are still Milling around in central London, but the UK is increasingly looking alone in Europe. Will this Square be empty in two weeks time and should it like Italy be empty now?

Not necessarily says the World Health Organization, which has pleaded for aggressive action.

We want to see every Community slow down the transmission of this virus. If you look at Singapore, for instance, they have not had to go into lockdown. They have been able to slow down their virus. Now they do it their way.

You will do it your way, unlike other countries. The government says, schools will remain open here, although constantly under review many argue. Mass closures could cause more harm than good closing schools in itself has problems.

It could decimate the Health and Social care Workforce as parents. Take off time. Look after children.

A note on Trinity school board
A note on Trinity school board

Secondly, it could end up who looks after children. Oh, look the grandparents come along, and they’re far more at risk in these unpredictable times. There’s no doubt. The government wants us to trust their advice.

But as much of Europe ramps up its response, it may only be a matter of time before we, too, are forced to follow in their footsteps.


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