Outside the European Commission building, not a lot is going on this weekend, after all this is the first day of a new month. Well, it is the start of a new era in terms of Britain’s relations with the European Union. What is happening after the Brexit.

No longer will British officials be marching into buildings like this to have their say over the day to day business or future policy of the European Union.

In terms of recognizing that moment I think it’s fair to say that Brussels has done very little significant, very few ceremonial moments to speak of.  We witnessed only one or probably two symbolic moments.

Let’s just start with the lowering of the Union flag. Every member state has its flag flying as a member of this club of 28, well it’s 27 now and as the Union Flag disappeared, the EU zone flag took its place. As per sources, The nation Flag was folded and put away possibly for another day possibly never to be seen again it’s likely to end up in a museum.


The British government has already made a change worth mentioning. They had an office, UK’s representative to the European Union. Here the old plaque is removed and is being replaced by the new plaque which states “UK’s mission to the European Union and the mission”.

Now during the transition period, the UK and EU will create a new arrangement and new understanding as to how they can work together in the future and how they can maintain as far as possible the sort of valuable relations and business that serve both of them.

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