What was trending in 2019

What was trending in 2019

The year 2019 is now well behind us, and we have greater worries for as the Covid-19 is on the rise and people are now looking Corona tips on internet, I found it utterly amusing how we spent the whole 2019. I will share a few things we searched for and what was trending in 2019.

In the first list, our readers will see what we they searched for in year 2019 the most. Do let us know in the comments if you searched for any among these.

What was trending in 2019
What was trending in 2019

In Most frequent searches, Google revealed that RUBGY World cup and its associated terms were searched the most by the UK following the term Cricket World cup in mid of the year. Game of Thrones was given the third spot and Chernobyl stood at the fourth place. The keyword THANOS finally held fifth place in the ranking.

Here is a side by side review of all the keywords mentioned above. As you can see the Rugby World cup (Blue line) was searched and I am in the line. By the way, what did you searched for?. Well, further as we move deeper into the stats we will see what is searched and where the most. [What was trending in 2019].

In England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, most of the people searched for Game of Thrones during the season was aired. Welsh heavily searched for Rugby the most following the games of thrones.

However, 21 per cent of British people searched for Cricket world and why not, We were the Champions.

6-8 per cent of the people in all these regions were searching for Thanos in 2019. Whereas less than 1 per cent of the people were interested in Chernobyl.

Game of thrones game of thrones figures uk Stats. What was trending in 2019
Game of thrones figures uk

Meanwhile, read the PopSugar post on the same topic. More Data for movies and Musicians, How to and what to is waiting to be explored. We will be sharing them with you soon.

Till then, stay safe, stay indoors and help the NHS.

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